Docathon: A Week of Doumentation

We’re hosting a week-long docathon over at BIDS.

Rebecca Barter


March 7, 2017

This week is the Docathon at BIDS (a.k.a. that wonderful place that I spend all my time).

A docathon is like a hackathon but is focused on developing material and tools for documentation. We have loads of projects signed up to receive some documentation-love and an impressive number of excited participants!

We kicked off the event with a series of tutorials for writing “good” documentation. I gave an R-specific tutorial where I discussed using devtools to both develop and document your package. I ended with a sneak peak into bookdown book-based documentation for complex packages. Skip ahead to 1:54:02 to hear my presentation!

The materials for my tutorial can be found in this github repo. Stay tuned for a more detailed blog post about writing documentation in R.