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New posts

AI Tutorial: Using Text Embeddings to Label Synthetic Doctor’s Notes Generated with ChatGPT

An image created by dall-e-3 using the name of this blog post as the prompt. The image contains a brain in the center connected using circuitry to a code console, with various viruses and other things floating around, and a doctor conducting a medical exam of what seems to be another doctor

I’ve been playing around with OpenAI and ChatGPT in my research, and I thought I’d put together a short tutorial that demonstrates using ChatGPT API to generate synthetic doctor’s notes, and then using OpenAI’s text embedding models to label the notes according to whether they involve a chronic or acute condition. And yes, I’m fully aware that what I write here will probably be out of date in about 3 hours.

An introduction to Python for R Users

The python logo on a floating disc

I have a confession to make: I am now a Python user. Don’t judge me, join me! In this post, I introduce Python for data analysis from the perspective of an R (tidyverse) user. This post is a must-read if you are an R user hoping to dip your toes in the Python pool.